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Educational Qualification:



Year of







Ph.D. 1982 Volgograd Polytechnic Institute, USSR Success-fully completed          –





Volgograd Polytechnic Institute, USSR  


Highest grade “Excellent” in all subjects, CGPA: 5.00/5.00
H.S.C. 1971

(held in    1972)

Faujdarhat Cadet College, Bangladesh First Div. Placed 2nd in the combined merit list of Comilla Board (amongst approx. 50,000 students)
S.S.C 1969 Faujdarhat Cadet College, Bangladesh First Div. Placed 14th in the combined merit list of same Board (amongst approx. 70,000 students)


Employment Record:




Designation Period
IPE Dept./BUET Assistant Professor January, 1983- August, 1987
IPE Dept./BUET Associate Professor August, 1987 – July, 1997
IPE Dept./BUET Professor July, 1997 – December, 1997
ME Dept./IIUM Associate Professor December, 1997 – July, 2004
ME Dept./IIUM Professor (VK7) July, 2004 – August, 2008
ME Dept./IIUM Senior Professor (VK6) August, 2008 – July, 2016


Administrative Experience:


Sl. No. Position Period
1 Head of the Department, IPE Dept./BUET September, 1997 – November, 1997
2 Head of the Department, ME Dept./IIUM June 2007 – May 2008.
3 Head of the Department, MME Dept./IIUM June 2007 – May 2008
4 Assistant Provost of Ahsanullah Hall, BUET October, 1984 – March,1986
5 Executive Editor, IIUM Engineering Journal, IIUM June 2009- June 2013
6 Deputy Director, IIUM Press Journal Publication, IIUM, July 2013 –June 2016
7 Member and Chairman of various committees at BUET 1983-1997
8 Member and Chairman of various committees at IIUM 1998- 2016

Technical Papers in Journal and Conference Proceedings:

  • Guriev A.V., Nosko I.N., Amin A.K.M.N.; “Capacities of the Method of Precision Temperature Measurement of Specimen for Studying Elastic and Plastic Deformations”, Abstracts of the papers of 4th Soviet National Conference “Teplophysika Echnologichieskikh Processov”, Tolyatti, 1976.
  • Talantov N.V., Amin A.K.M.N., Chereomushnikov N.P., “Temperature Deformation Laws of Chatter Formation During Metal Cutting Process”, Abstracts of the papers presented at the 5th Soviet National Conference “Teplophysika Technologichieskikh Processov”, Volgograd, 1980, 92p.
  • Talantov N.V., Chereomushnikov N.P., Amin A.K.M.N.; “Influence of the Instability of Metal Cutting Process on Working capacity of Cemented Carbide Tool”, Abstracts of the papers of 3rd Soviet National Seminar “Nadeoznost Rezyshevo Instrumenta”, Karamatorsk, 1982.
  • Amin A.K.M.N., “Investigation of the Mechanism of Chatter Formation During Metal Cutting Process”, Mech. Engg. Res. Bulletin, 6(1), BUET., Dhaka, 1983, p.11-18.
  • Amin A.K.M.N., Kurchenko A.I, Talantov N.V. “Investigation of the Physical Causes of Improved Machinability of Steel Alloyed with Calcium”, Mech. Engg. Bulletin 7(1), BUET, Dhaka, 1984, p.9-16.
  • Amin A.K.M.N., Talantov N.V; “Influence of the Instability of Chip Formation and Preheating of Work on Tool Life in Machining High Temperature Resistant Steel and Titanium Alloys”, Mechanical Engg. Res. Bull. Vol.9, 1986, p.52‑62.
  • Amin A.K.M.N., “Influence of the Characteristics of Machine‑Tool‑Fixture‑Work (MTFW) System on Chatter”, Journal of the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), 13(4), Dhaka, 1985, p.9-16.
  • Amin A.K.M.N., Roy S; “Experimental Determination of Optimum Cutting Conditions in Turning Low Alloyed Steel with Cemented Carbide Tool”, Journal of Science Res. 5(1), Dhaka, 1987, p.39-53.
  • Ahmed F, Amin A.K.M.N; “Design of Index Jig for the Drilling Operation of Faller Bar”, Industrial and Production Engg. Research Bulletin, BUET, Dhaka, 1987, p.37-50.
  • Amin A.K.M.N, Talantov. N.V; “Investigation of the Influence of Chatter on Tool Wear”, Mechanical Engineering Research Bulletin, BUET, 9(1), Dhaka, 1987, p.11-18.
  • Azim M.A., Amin A.K.M.N., Khan A.A; “Design of a Ten Tons Capacity Wedge Jack with precision Vertical Movement “, Industrial and Production Res. Bulletin, BUET, Dhaka, 1990, p.1-7.

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