IPE at a Glance

Industrial and Production engineers develop methods to remove wasted time, energy, money, materials, and other commodities during production processes. They take full advantage of technology that is available, maximize profit for the human race, reduce environmental concerns, emphasize on human relationship, and focus on culturing workers’ safety.

Example Scenarios

1. We are the ONLY engineering discipline who deal with people. Whenever someone talks about engineering, it seems all about machines, materials, complex design, & so on. Then, here we are with advance thinking how to improve human nature along with other components in life. For instance, we focus on WHY safety does not just rule, it’s a culture to develop for the betterment of human race.
2. We understand CUSTOMER CARE is not a department of a company, it’s the organization itself. Everything else, say, sales, manufacturing, marketing, engineering, R&D can be part of the company. But, CUSTOMER CARE / RELATIONSHIP is the main purpose of a company. Because no matter how advanced automobile you have designed, or manufactured unless you know how to reach to your target customer, & how to maintain the relationship with them.
3. We are the engineer who knows how to deal with business with technological competence.
While other engineers are developing ideas how to design more efficient lathe machine, we also do financial analysis why my company should concern about the new design of lathe machine, & what else is more accessible considering the capital investment.

Last updated on Sunday, October 29, 2017

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