Vision of IPE


    The department of IPE will be globally recognized as a dynamic contributor to the development and dissemination of advanced knowledge in the diverse field of Industrial and Production Engineering. We will create a nourishing environment that facilitates the growth of individuals through innovative teaching and imaginative research and scholarship.



    Focus on Quality and Achievement: We value quality and achievement in all aspects of our operations, from scholarship to teaching, from research to service, from student performance to support-staff functions.

    Open Communication and Collaborative Decision-Making: We value open communication and collaborative decision-making by the faculty, staff and students of our department.

    Systems Perspective: We consistently consider what is best for the Department as a whole when making decisions and conducting our day-to-day work.

    Ethics: We uphold the highest ethical standards and integrity in all that we do.

    Valuing Diversity: We strive to create an inclusive environment with a diverse faculty, staff, and student body, which creates improved quality, innovation, and exchange of perspectives.

    Continuous Improvement: We encourage and promote improvement in all aspects of what we do, including Department processes, Department environment, scholarly achievement, professional development and lifelong learning.


    As an Institution without gender biasness, MIST is steadily upholding its motto “Technology for Advancement” and remains committed to contributing to the wider spectrum of national educational arena, play a significant role in the development of human resources and gradually pursuing its goal to grow into a ‘Centre of Excellence’.
Last updated on Thursday, January 25, 2018

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