Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) department has been established in 2016 to develop much-needed professionals required for the growth of modern industries.
The focus of the undergraduate program in IPE is in manufacturing and quality, and productivity improvement, management, and host of core subjects to meet the emerging technological needs of the industry. Education in IPE is very much learned to practical situations and the relationship of the department with the industries will be strengthened through their involvement in curriculum development and various programs such as seminars, visits, and student projects. The department of IPE aims not only to produce efficient engineers but also well-educated conscientious leaders who can contribute to the development of the country through ameliorating our industries.
A typical undergraduate course on Industrial & Production engineering emphasizes on manufacturing and improvement of productivity. A student will also learn the trends of dynamics and control and hence will develop a sound knowledge about overall industrial production and management. He/She will also learn to analyze the emerging technological trends of the industry.


Last updated on Thursday, October 26, 2017

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