Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

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The Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) offers you a technology-enriched learning environment with professors who know you by name, access to hands-on learning and work experiences through co-opt, internships and research opportunities and small class sizes on a green campus that is alive with activity in the main and extended campus at Mirpur (MIST), Bhatiary (BMA), Jessore (BAFA) and Potenga (BNA).

Our Present Offers:

•    B.Sc in Civil Engineering
•    B.Sc in Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering
•    B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering
•    B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
•    B.Sc in Civil, Environment, Water and Coastal Engineering
•    B.Sc in Architecture
•    B.Sc in Nuclear  Engineering
•    B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Petroleum & Mining Engineering
•    B.Sc in Industrial Production Engineering

Who Can Apply?

Higher Secondary School Applicants

•    If you have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination in Science Group in the current year.

International Applicants

•    If you are not a Bangladeshi citizen or permanent resident.
•    If you are a Bangladeshi citizen and are currently studying or have studied outside of Bangladesh.

Check Before You Apply

MIST offers courses across a diverse range of engineering fields and architecture with a total of 570 seats (subject to change each year).

Step-1. Check Your Student Status. Make sure your student status i.e. whether you are a local or international student. If you are not sure, submit a copy of your passport to us and we will confirm your student status.

Step-2. Check Entry Requirements. Local applicants to the first year of a bachelor's degree in Engineering or Architecture programs must meet the Eligible Criteria. Foreign students must meet the Eligible Criteria but are not required to attend the Admission Test.

Step-3Review Application and Tuition Fees. A summary of indicative tuition fees for all MIST courses is available for your information.

•     Application Fees.
•    Tuition Fees.

Step-4Prepare Your Documents. You may also be required to submit documents to support your application.

Step-5Complete Your Application Form. If you have followed all these steps and you have all the necessary documents and information, you are ready to complete your application form and apply.

•   Apply Online.

Step-6More to Know.

•   Local applicants must fill up the online application and among them only short listed candidates will be eligible for appearing at the Admission Test.
•   Based on the Selection Criteria, selected candidates (merit listed) will then be called up to admit at MIST (but not directly in any departments).
•   During admission process candidates must submit some specific documents for approval of candidature.
•   If there is any vacant seat, Waiting Listed candidates will fulfill the vacancy.
•   Admitted students will be distributed among the departments according to their merit and individual choice.
•    Foreign candidates may admit in any departments according to their choice/interest.

Qualifications to apply

Local (Bangladeshi) Students

Minimum qualifications to take part in the admission test are as follows:

 a.  HSC  or Equivalent. 

The applicants passed in current and previous one year must obtain minimum total grade point 17 in four subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English).

b.  SSC or Equivalent.

The applicant must have passed the examination in Science Group obtaining a minimum GPA of 4.00 (without fourth subject) on the scale of 5.0. Only the applicants who passed SSC or Equivalent Examination in Corresponding current and previous one year can apply.

c.  GCE (‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels or Equivalent).

(1)  The applicant who passed in current and previous one year must have minimum two ‘B’ grades and one ‘C’ grade in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in GCE ‘A’ Level.

(2)  The applicant who passed in corresponding current and previous one year must have qualified with minimum ‘B’ grade in five subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English in GCE ‘O’ Level.

d.   Applicants interested in Biomedical Engineering must have Biology at HSC or equivalent level with a minimum grade point of ‘A-’ / GCE ‘A’ or equivalent level with a minimum grade point of ‘C’.

Foreign Students 

Maximum 3% of overall vacancies available will be kept reserved for the foreign students and will be offered to foreign countries through Armed Forces Division (AFD) of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

•    Educational qualifications as applicable for Bangladeshi students or equivalent.
•    Must have security clearance from respective Embassy/ High Commission in Bangladesh.
•    Sex: Male and Female.

Note: In the event of non-availability of foreign students, the vacancies will be filled up by Bangladeshi civil students as per merit.

Seat Capacity

Department wise seat allotment is given below:







Computer Science & Engineering



Electrical, Electronic & Communication Engineering



Civil Engineering 



Mechanical Engineering



Environmental, Water Resources & Coastal Engineering



Aeronautical Engineering



Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering



Industrial & Production Engineering



Biomedical Engineering



Nuclear Science & Engineering



Petroleum & Mining Engineering








Submit Your Application

Instructions for Submission of e-Application 

1.   Application for the Admission Test in MIST will be accepted only through online system. No manual application will be accepted unless there is some system difficulty in application process.
2.  An applicant needs to deposit Tk. 800 (Eight Hundred) for unit A and Tk 1000 (One Thousand) for unit B and unit A+B only as application fee through SMS from Teletalk prepaid mobile phone. No fee will be accepted by MIST other than through SMS system. Cash will not be accepted.
3.  To complete the online application, an applicant must upload a copy of recent passport size coloured photograph (exactly 300X300 pixel and maximum 100 KB size) and signature (exactly 300X80 pixel and maximum 60 KB size). Both photograph and signature should be in jpg format.
4.  Applicants must read the details given in the ‘Instructions and Information for MIST Admission Test’ very carefully. They may also take the printout of the instructions.
5.  For female candidates the words he and his will mean she and her in the application form
Admission Test

Admission Test

Eligibility for written test

1.   Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of total GPA/marks obtained in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in HSC or Equivalent Examination. In case of tie, order of priority for selecting the eligible candidates will be GPA/marks in Mathematics, Physics and then Chemistry.
2.   Short listed candidates shall be allowed to appear written test. These candidates include, candidates passed in HSC/Equivalent examination in current and previous one year.
3.   All eligible candidates with GCE A’ Level or equivalent of current year and previous year (last year only) will be allowed to appear at the written admission test.
4.   Two separate lists of applicants (one for current year and the other for last year) will be generated for selection purpose to appear written admission test only.
5.   The names of short listed candidates will be published on (to be intimated later) online in MIST website (www.mist.ac.bd).

Examination System and Marks Distribution

a.   There will be NO multiple choice type questions (MCQ); questions will be in both English and Bangla and applicants can answer in English or Bangla. The marks distribution for both units are as follows:





Marks (%)


Unit A



40 %



30 %



20 %



10 %


Unit B


Drawing and Architecture related topics


NOTE: For Unit A only, candidates will sit for the written test of 2 hours. For Unit B (Architecture) only / both A and B (Engineering and Architecture) candidates will sit for the written test of 4 hours (2 hours+2.0 hours) with a break in between.

1.    During examination only pen, pencil, coloured pencil (for Architecture applicants), eraser, pencil sharpener can be used.
2.    Mobile phone, smart watch and programmable electronics equipment, compass and bags are not allowed in examination hall.

b.    No mark is allotted for SSC/HSC/ Equivalent results.  Merit list will be prepared on the basis of Written Test only. Minimum qualifying marks in the written test is 40% for both Unit A and Unit B.

c.   Five percent (5%) marks will be deducted from the written test for the candidates passed in previous one year. Thereafter, a Combined Merit List (candidates passed HSC/Equivalent in current and previous one year) will be prepared for the admission and department allocation.

Admission Procedure

Medical Check-up

Civil candidates selected provisionally are to undergo medical check-up at MIST medical centre. They will have to produce test reports of urine for R/E, blood for HBs Ag and blood grouping before the MIST medical authority. The medical authority will decide on the physical fitness of candidates for admission in MIST.


Candidates finally selected for admission will have to adhere to the following rules and procedures:

•    Candidates have to complete admission formalities within a fixed period of time as decided by admission.
•    Any candidate failing to complete admission formalities within the prescribed time will warrant cancellation of selection.
•    Waiting lists will be prepared and displayed by the admission committee as per merit and be notified as per.
•    Any student  failing  to  attend  the  class  within  two  weeks  of  the  commencement  of  the  academic  program  will  warrant cancellation of his/her admission and forfeiture of all fees including security.

Following documents are to be submitted during admission:

•    Original copies of certificates and mark sheet of SSC equivalent
•    Original copies of certificate and mark sheet of HSC  equivalent
•    Three copies of recent passport size coloured photograph of the candidate duly attested by class-I gazetted
•    Character certificate from the head of the last institution
•    Nationality Certificate from proper authority/Birth certificate/National ID Card.
•    For freedom Fighter Quota. Related Bangladesh Gazettes/temporary certificate issued by Ministry
of Liberation War Affairs/Lal Muktibarta/Indian List/Certificate from Bangladesh Mukti Joddha
Sangsad and relationship certificate with freedom fighter.
•    For Military Ward (Children of Military Personnel).
(1) Serving: Certificate from Organization Head/Authorized Officials.
(2) Retired:
* Officers: Certificate from CORO/ Naval Secretariat/ Air Secretariat.
* JCO/ OR/ NC (E) of Army/Navy/Air Forces: Certificate/Service Record Book from
respective Arms/Service’s Record Offices/Drafting office.
•    For Tribal Citizen Quota. Certificate issued by local Upazilla Chairman and counter signed by District Commissioner.

Department Allotment

Departments will be allotted on the basis of individual merit position in the admission test at the end of admission against total vacancies. Individual choice for selection of departments will be given preference as far as possible.

Guardian’s Consent

In the admission form selected civil candidates and their parents or guardians have to render consent certificate accepting terms and conditions to be formulated by MIST authority from time to time.

Cancellation of Admission/Academic Process

Admission will be cancelled if any incomplete/false information is found or candidate/student fails in drug test at any stage of the admission/academic process.